First Time? How To...

New to our store? Don't worry! Here you can look up the most important things you need to know before ordering.

When you order clothing, may it be Daoist, Taiji uniforms or shoes we will need your measurements. Here is our guide to show you what measures we need and how to measure them. Please measure carefully! We are responsible for providing you with the exact measurements you send us; we are not liable when the clothing does not fit you unless we made a mistake and provided you with the wrong size.

How to Measure

Done? If you have further questions about measuring, you can always ask our support

You completed your measuring process but do not know where to tell us your sizes? Check out the next step:

How to Update My Measurements Profile

You are asked the required measures during your checkout, but over the time your size changed and want to update your measurements profile? That's very easy to do! Your measures are saved for eternity on your account:

  1. My Account Page, now you see your Order History.
  2. See the right section Account Details and go to Edit Account.
  3. Now you should see your profile details and along with your name and E-mail you should see your measurements - enter a new value and click the Update Button below!