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Daoist Uniform Blue with Cuffs

The quality is great!

Very clear and easy process and great quality

The choice was really wide and with plenty of pictures, so I had no problems finding the Taiji uniform that matched all the details I was wishing for. The delivery by China Post was completely smooth and timely. The quality is great (as expected) and the uniform fits perfectly, also thanks to the information and video provided to explain how to take one's measurements. This is my first Taiji uniform, but the feeling on the skin is very pleasant; and the uniform is simply so beautiful. To speak openly, if I was somehow forced to find some aspect that I'm not satisfied about, I wouldn't know what to mention.


Very nice. It would be great to have them in larger size!!

Variable Staff

I enjoy the balance and the weight of the staff. Having the ends able to be connected and create a shorter staff which is a plus.

Wudang Taoist Socks

These socks are obligatory with the wudang shoes, so don't forget them to order with the shoes.

Traditional Wudang Cloud Shoes

These shoes fit very comfortable and the rubber sole has grip. I ordered the version with a white ribbon on the top to make sure not to loose it in fast movements. You have to write it in your order as an extra if you want it.

Taiji Uniform Forest Green with Cuffs

Very good quality. When i first tried it on it felt right and very comfortable. If you really want clothes that fit, you must take the time an measure and tailor at Wudang Int..
Other stores just have S,M,XL etc. and they will never fit.

Daoist Uniform Brown with Cuffs

Very good quality. When i first tried it on it felt right and very comfortable. If you really want clothes that fit, you must take the time an measure and tailor at Wudang Int..
Other stores just have S,M,XL etc. and they will never fit.

Love this Oolong Tea!

Tieguanyin Oolong is one of my favorite teas. From childhood to the present, we drank Tieguanyin Oolong throughout the day. Love the taste of this tea! It’s great to have a trusted source to buy great quality tea. Thank you for the great service!

Wonderful Organic Tea!

Of the four different teas I ordered from this store, this is my favorite. Organically grown in Wudang Shan, Thomas has truly put his heart and soul into growing the best tea that he can. You can really taste it in this tea. I bought 3 boxes to tide me over until spring harvest, which I’m anticipating the new crop! Each box also arrived, hand painted and calligraphy by Thomas. Saved the front of the box, framed it and hung it on the wall, it was too beautiful to throw away. So much effort has been put into this tea for our enjoyment. Very difficult to find organic tea, glad to find it here in the Wudang International store! Will be ordering more at spring harvest time!

Love this tea!

Got this big bag of Lu An tea to share with my family for the holidays. We love the quality of the teas available from this store. It’s difficult to find really great tea exported from China, as most of the really great teas are kept for themselves and not exported. Glad to find a wonderful resource for quality tea from China. Buy in bulk and save!

Great Tea!

I love Oolong tea, and this is one of my favorite teas now. It’s difficult to get really great tea outside of China, now I have a trusted source in this store.

Love my Feiyue shoes!

My feet are wide, and I really like how the Feiyue shoes fit, my feet are comfortable and not squished! I practice on cement and grass with these shoes, and they work well for me. Will order again from this store in confidence! Thank you!

Great style and fit, hand tailored uniform

First time buying from this store, great experience and service! My uniform fits perfectly to my measurements, very pleased with the quality and well sewn. As with all hand made items, it takes some time to create, but well worth the wait! It feels great, and I can move freely in it when I practice. I will be ordering again from this store, thank you!

Excellent tailoring and great service

This is THE place to order your authentic Wudang uniforms, all hand tailored to your measurements. The fit is perfect and easy to move in while practicing. Well worth the cost to have it made to fit you, I will definitely order again. Happy to support the community at Wudang Shan with this purchase! Thanks for the great service!

Great traditional hand made shoes

Very pleased with these shoes, fit great, just make sure you measure accurately and double check your measurements! Everything was packed nicely and arrived intact. Thank you!

Tailor made

Perfect in all respects: i like it so much that I thought of using it even as a pyjama.

Traditional Blue Daoist Uniform

Good Day, what an Outstanding experience. I buy a lot of things online and sometimes it can be either good or bad. I give this my highest rating! I rate my uniform an OUTSTANDING! It fits perfect, and it is sewn really nice and looks to be durable. My only comment the shipping is high, I am sure this is out of Wudang's control but I would probably purchase more if the shipping was less. I highly recommend! Glenn Litzau